Monoimplant | İmplant Sistemi

They have RBM surface with calcium phosphate treatment. Their slim and less aggressive bodies are suitable for D1 and D2 type bones.

Rough (T) Monoimplant

They have a smooth surface and with their aggressive forms, they are ideal for immediate fixation in the extraction socket and D3 and D4 type bones.

Smooth (P) Monoimplant

This hybrid implant combines the features and benefits of the implant (T) and the implant (P), so the upper part of this implant is treated like (T) type to stimulate Osseo integration. The tip of the bottom of the implant is high polished to help reduce contamination, thereby preventing potential infections in some cases, especially in the maxillary sinus areas.

O-T (Rough+Smooth) Monoimplant