i-Sistem İmplant | i-Sistem Dizayn

The extremely precise manufacturing process guaranties an accurate fit of the abutment into the implant.

The 1.5° conical connection provides a perfect fit between the implant and the abutment. Therefore, micromovement and microleackage issues are eliminated.

i-Sistem Dizayn-1.5° Locking Conical Connection

The slopping shoulder provides space for hard and soft tissues even in cases with limited amount of tissue volume.

More space for soft tissues, More space for hard tissues, Safer to place close to an implant, Safer to place close to a tooth

i-Sistem Dizayn-Slopping Shoulder

The shape of the fins provides optimum stress distribution to alveolar bone. The square edges also offer significantly more bone-implant contact compared to other designs.

i-Sistem Dizayn-Square Edged Fins

Optimum inter-fin distance contributes to biomechanical stress distrubition and provides higher surface area for bone to implant contact compared to the screw-type implants.

i-Sistem Dizayn-Inter-Fin Distance

Anti-rotational channels together with the square shaped fins, increase the resistance to rotational forces. The channels also connect the vascularity of two consecutive grooves.

i-Sistem Dizayn-Anti-Rotational Channels

Enhance the surface area and effectively distribute the functional load.

i-Sistem Dizayn-Incrementally Deepening Grooves

Biconical shape of the implant enhances the mechanical stability and stress distribution to surrounding hard tissues.

i-Sistem Dizayn-Biconical Inner-Outer Body Shape

Flat apex eliminates the risk of nerve damage and sinus membrane perforation during insertion.

i-Sistem Dizayn-Safe Apex

i-mimetic surface represents the ideal structure for optimal osseointegration, increased cell attachment and enhanced bone quality.

The surface charachteristics of i-system ensures a perfect harmony between the mirco and macro design of the implant.

i-Sistem Dizayn-i-mimetic Surface